• Commencing Music Theory with Meaning (9/13/2017) - In my first class session of first-semester music theory, I ask my students two questions: “Who are you?” and “What is music?” The first question usually takes the form of name, hometown, instrument or voice part, and a favorite of something. I answer with Dr. Krystal Folkestad Grant, Birmingham, Alabama, piano (and composition), and something… Continue reading Commencing Music Theory with Meaning
  • volunteer Using T-shirts (8/16/2017) - They gave me the shirt, introduced me to what became my favorite band, and immersed me in rap and reggae...
  • chairs in the mint farm Summer at the Mint Farm (8/1/2017) - The cafe's mint fragrance and their empathy helped restore me. They also encouraged me to visit the farm and taught me about the six varieties of mint grown on site, each with a unique flavor and leaf texture they let me sample.


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